søndag 20. februar 2011

Pressemelding fra Team Hitec Products UCK

Johanne Bergseth is ready!
Johanne will make her debut for Hitec Products UCK next saturday at the UCI 1.2 race 'Omloop Het Nieuwsblad'. She is a strong and technically skilled sprinter, and standing tall close to 180 cm, not easy to dislocate in the peloton. Off the bike she is a quiet and dutiful student though. She origins from Sandnes SK, which still is her licence club. Her two older brothers, Jon Øystein and Magnus, are both former cyclists, and like Johanne, superb criterium riders.
In her 'youth' she was part of the Norwegian U23 womens academy, but her studies made it difficult to dedicate fully a couple of years. Some people would write her off at some point. But last year she marked herself positive in her 'Team Alfa' by winning 2 national races and helping her team mate Tina Andreassen to silver in the Norwegian Cup (behind our Lise Nøstvold). At 24 years she is now ready to work hard for the team and develop herself further as a rider.
Follow Johanne on her homepage here: http://johannetherese.wordpress.com/

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